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Re: 3Dfx Voodoo II Alternate Drivers - Win9x

Excellent driver package! It was like you read my mind. Today I set up an V2 SLI rig and was looking for something exactly like this. I am using one STB Black Magic card and one Creative Blaster V2...both 12MB models. I also tried the stock drivers and mismatched SLI files worked, but like you it …

Re: 3DFX Banshee issue

Did you test it in another board with a verified working AGP slot? Did you confirm the AGP slot is working on whatever motherboard you are using? (model would help too) Did you check the BIOS to make sure AGP is set to be the primary display adapter? Did you check the AGP aperture size in the BIOS? …

Re: Gravis Ultrasound Max memory upgrade

Thanks. I realized that after checking a Ultrasound Max memory upgrade manual I found on Archive.org as well as looking at the socket on the card itself. So I decided to traverse my "e-waste" and found an upgraded PCI S3 Virge/DX that had chips that appeared to fit the bill. And it did. Popped one …

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