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Re: Asus V3000 and WfW 3.11

lazibayer wrote: Hope this might help! https://jeffpar.github.io/kbarchive/kb/082/Q82333/ Thank you for the link. Between that link and the above information, it all makes sense now 😀 If I break the Awe64 folder into two it should fix it. Will test and report back 😀 Cheers and thank you both

Re: Asus V3000 and WfW 3.11

found this: Table of Video Modes Resolution (pixels) ColourD(bpp) RAM(Kb) # Colours actual RAM (Kb, Mb) 640x480 1 38.5 2 128 1/8 Mb 800x600 1 60 2 128 1024x768 1 98.3 2 128 640x480 4 153 16 256 1/4 Mb 800x600 4 240 16 256 1024x768 4 394 16 512 1/2 Mb 640x480 8 307.2 256 512 800x600 8 480 256 512 …

Asus V3000 and WfW 3.11

In the very slow process of building a dos retro pc like many of us here ;) With time constraints, work and family it can be difficult to spend time on these projects. Finally got around to installing the WfW3.11 drivers for the above card. Instructions not a problem. Just needed a sounding board to …

Re: List of rarest PC soundcards

Not sure how rare but we still have our original ISA soundcard. A MediaVision Pro Audio Studio 16. We had it in our 486SX back in the day and never had the heart to turf it. Will now re-purpose it in a new Legacy Dos PC Build 😀

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