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Re: Windows XP slow boot on SSD

The issue has been solved. As i suspected, the cause was my DVD drive. For some reason it delayed the boot sequence of every operating system i threw at it, despite the fact that it worked pretty much flawlessly once an operating system was running. After swapping the drive, the issue disappeared …

Re: Windows XP slow boot on SSD

The cause has been found: IDE Primary Slave, in my case the DVD drive. I arrived to this conclusion by starting up Linux Livecd in verbose mode, then checking kernel logs. The device ata1.01, which identified as my DVD drive, kept throwing this: ata1.01: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action …

Windows XP slow boot on SSD

Hi, I have an issue that bugs me a lot. I used to run ME and XP dualboot on my PC, it worked fine. ME was booting off an IDE hard drive, XP was booting off a SATA SSD. XP boot time from the logo to Welcome screen was like 10-15 seconds. I wiped out all the drives because I wanted to change ME to …

HD 3850 AGP - infinite loop in MoHAA

in Marvin \ Video
Hi, I have a problem with my card and I'd like to have some help with diagnosing it. I am running a HD 3850 AGP by Sapphire, running under Windows XP SP3. The driver I am using is Catalyst 8.3 I've had some issues with other games, for example KOTOR 2 with newest patches used to occasionally cause …

Re: Geforce 2 VS FX5500 PCI / 9600

in Marvin \ Video
The best PCI card for XP/98 gaming is the Radeon 9100 PCI. Extremely rare, been trying to hunt one down for a long time. Its based on the 8500 (or 8500 LE) and it supports TruForm. Should be comparable to GF3 Ti200 performance . I have been through FX 5200 and 5500 PCI. They are trash, useless for …

Analogue DVI cables

in Marvin \ Video
Hey there, I recently acquired a 4:3 Eizo LCD display, native resolution of 1600x1200. I have found out that analogue is actually superior to digital with that screen. Lower resolutions than native on full screen look much sharper and monitor allows you to adjust the image better, where as with …

PCI cards for Win98 gaming - Voodoo 3 vs FX 5500?

in Marvin \ Video
Hello, I am almost finished with my Windows XP/98 hybrid build. I am running a Radeon HD 4650 1 GB DDR2 as my main AGP card (planning to change it to HD 3850 AGP, but thats beside the point). Understandably so, the Radeon lacks Win9X drivers of any kind. So I need a PCI card as a supplement. Since …

Re: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

in Windows
I wonder, do you have an option to disable either the integrated or the dedicated card, so only one of them will work on the game? Try looking in the BIOS

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