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Philips CM8833

in Milliways
hi i have found this monitor and its working perfect but the switch is not working correct on off switch so i need a new one found one on ali but it cost 40 euro !! i also wanted to know if svideo was possible ? its a pal tv all these switches have the same problem there is a small plastic pin …

tandy 1000

dont know if i can ask stuff about tandy if not remove it please A friend has a tandy 1000 that Just died hé is looking for this chip ,buZing sound via speaker floppy drive les stays on no video via external card ,added a buffer buZing stops keyboard works but stil no life any one in europe or …

Re: help autoexec

a friend showed me his files not shure what he means any one can comment on this trick is around himem and emm386, that highscan option is important, after that you can do dos=high umb, and do as much devicehigh or LH in autoexec as possible.

Re: help autoexec

iam realy confused but wil try oke its working now but what i dont understand is you guys told me the drivers are in the dev folder and not bin so to me it makes sense to add them to the auto and the config files ? but what is the bin folder ? MSCDEX.EX < this file is not the mistumi driver or is it …

Re: help autoexec

iam confused now 😀 let me explain the mistumi drive works perfect with out the custom menu when i add the custom menu it stops working because the drivers are not loaded wich lines do i add to the config and wich lines to the autoexec

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