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Re: soundblaster awe 32

prince of persia does not want to run dont know why ,but wil try again ,i also tried wolfenstein3d wont run wil try to find some other games to test ,i also played some pinball sounds good but no so good with godds

Re: soundblaster awe 32

yes i have been using ms dos sins i was a kid ,but i forget fast and iam autistic and have dislexia ,iam 40 native language is dutch ,iam not good at reading and when i read i need time to process what i read :) if that makes sense wil try again to install it but not shure how to install a com file …

Re: soundblaster awe 32

the driver wont finish the install i think its the wrong driver ,but i tested the card in diagnose and i have sound ,config and auto files are empty just bluescreen not shure why maybe i need to delete eveything and start over

soundblaster awe 32

iam building a 286 almost finished last thing to install is a soundcard its a ct3900 awe32 i got the drivers from phils website not shure if they are correct but the install stops half way i did run diagnose and i can hear the sound and voice testing 8bit and 16 bit after that iam not shure what to …

Re: sleeper build

i got the card reader working only the usb port is working the sd card cf card are not working i tried every connector and oriantation only the red led turns on maybe w10 does not work with this card reader or its faulty ,usb stick work perfect,i can always use usb to card reader if i have to

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