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Re: SC-55 revisions

derSammler, thank you for answer. - So v3 with GS GM logos is the best for DOS gaming? - Or, anyway, people have to own "GS" + "GS/GM" + "mkii" + "SC-88" ? (like MT-32 new + old + CM) - How to know?: game is using GS reset only or GM reset only or GS + GM reset both ? If I executed random DOS game, …

SC-55 revisions

Hello. What the differense of SC-55 revisions for DOS gaming? https://i.imgur.com/S2Yw1pb.jpg v1 GS Standart v2 GS v3 GS GM They all are different or 100% identical except design of front panel? Or v3 GS GM = v4 SC-55 mkii ? (design is similar) Filename _v.jpg File size 224.91 KiB Views 2812 views

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