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Re: Problem with MUNT

Lets try this Filename Annotation 2020-06-28 080527.png File size 198.01 KiB Views 696 views Filename Annotation 2020-06-28 081007.png File size 59.85 KiB Views 696 views And the output will sound like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dooevp70ibl1neu/test.wav?dl=0

Re: Munt issue with Windows 10

Those new drivers, the MIDI sound played through Munt appears to be better (I think?). It certainly sounds different. I played canyon.mid and necrofantasia.mid through it. A word of note: since Munt only has 8 channels, plus a rhythm channel, it seems that some notes are not being played through …

Re: Munt issue with Windows 10

Well, now... I updated to Windows 10 2004, had to reinstall Munt and Virtual Midi Synth. Even after this, Windows Media Player AND Media Player Classic won't play midi files, but Munt will play them and after editing the DOSBox config files, DOSBox will use Munt (if its running). Also, I can't …

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