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Re: GeForce3 woes

@candle_86, @2Mourty - thanks, but I'll pass. Already have a hell of a fight on my hands with the above-mentioned GF3, another one from Abit and a FX5900XT, and so far the artifacts are winning :D Seeing there are differences in passive components between different memory brands, I'll attempt …

Re: GeForce3 woes

Sorry, a mistake by my side. Have not used this PC for several week's. It has also 64 MByte video ram only. No worries :) Thank you for the pics, I already spotted something different: all the resistor networks and half of the discrete resistors are 0 ohm on your board instead of 15 ohm. I think …

Re: GeForce3 woes

Thank you for the suggestions. @melbar - can you please upload some photos of the back of the board so I can check if there are differences in (un)populated SMDs between the 64M and 128M versions?

Re: Good cooling solution for older GPU’s?

For older and not very power-hungry chips I'm using Sekisui #5760 double adhesive thermal tape. Ordered a couple of years ago from ebay so can't be 100% certain that it's genuine, but seems to be holding (and transfering heat) very well. And you've just reminded me that I only have about a quarter …

GeForce3 woes

TL-DR version: is it possible to replace the memory on a GeForce3 with 2Mx16x4 chips instead of the original 1Mx16x4 ones? Not trying to upgrade to 128MB (although I wouldn't mind :) ), but because I don't have others available. If not possible, what other cards are more compatible donors? Long and …

Re: How hot should an 8087 FPU be at idle? I'm getting 55-60 deg C... And other 8087 questions

Hi Jed118! Back in '94 I added a 8087 to my XT clone, I think it didn't get to execute at least one instruction - I had no software that would use it, not even a test program or benchmark, so I guess it qualifies at the most pointless upgrade ever. But I remember it running (idling, better said) …

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