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Re: S3 805 VLB repair (JATON VL41C/V2 S3 805 86C805)

in Marvin \ Video
mt777 wrote on 2021-08-22, 09:53: brand doesn't so matter, just FPM instead EDO on ISA/VLB cards. It is hardly to find them (due to on common S3 cards there are EDO rams in sockets which could be pulled). I bought bunch of FPM SOJ 256kx16 from ALI. EDO worked fine in my S3 805 (P) VLB

Re: Parity

I have few modules with clear signs of chips being sanded and relabeled, so yes, it's quite possible that some chips on your modules (not necessarily the parity ic) are fake. Try acetone test on yours. IPA will wipe fake white labels, while acetone can dissolve black goo used to cover the sanding …

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