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Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

It's not really a dedicated download (an older version used to be available as a download back in 1998), but rather it's found in Techland's Crime Cities game, and the demo is the easiest way to get it. Don't expect miracles though. It doesn't try to substitute blends like NEC's PowerVR Extreme …

Re: CT-4810 in DOS

Ancient thread resurrection alert! Just wanted to say I was having trouble with crashes and reboots (and APTEST/APLEGACY tests failed) with a CT4810 using the Ensoniq drivers, but the Creative drivers linked on the second post on this thread work perfectly. Hope this helps someone in the future! My …

Re: Different Versions of Ensoniq AudioPCI

Just been fighting a Creative CT4740 for hours - it's a Ensoniq 1373. Turns out the VEN_1274&DEV_1371 wasn't matching. I had Vendor ID of 1264 and 1234 depending on the PCI slot I put the card in! Eventually the third slot I tried it in gave me the correct vendor ID. Never had this problem before!

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