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Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
My brother's kids spilt a drink over their big HP desktop replacement laptop (HP ENVY 17" i7 GTX something 16GB from about 2014/2015) and destroyed it. Stripped it down to retrieve the M.2 SSD and recover the data from it. I'll keep the SSD and the 2x8GB DDR3 SODIMMS and bin the rest - everything's …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
My old Lenovo X220's CPU fan gave up the ghost. So I had to get a new machine as a replacement for my daily driver. 9 out of 10 times it refused to boot and was stuck at fan error. So I found this HP Probook 6460b as a replacement. Nearly same spec's, refurbished and at an affordable price. That …

Anyone know anything about the Sentio Superbook? (Pibook Pro)

in Milliways
Hi all, I've picked up a great condition Sentio Superbook (aka the PiBookPro) but the battery is completely dead and not charging. I've managed to 'jump start' the battery and have manually charged it, but it's not giving out any power, not taking any in - the protection circuitry needs somehow …

Re: How did you get started on retro computing?

in Milliways
I just regeretted getting rid of old stuff for decades and then about 10 years ago I think I saw an IBM PS/2 P70 for like £30 about 3 hours drive away and that's the PC my dad used to bring home from his office at weekends and I just had to have it. Now I have loads of junk/retro goodness 😀

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