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Re: USB Floppy

Imation "Superdisk" (LS-120) drives. The packaging says they're for Mac but they also work on PC. Most require a chunky dongle thing to connect to USB, some of the late ones have a regular USB connector on them though. The colored ones are older, slower, not as good at reading bad disks. The …

USB Floppy

Hi all, Can anyone recommend a decent USB floppy drive? They all seem to look the same, the same as the one I have (eSYNiC) and it's rubbish. I don't know if it's normal but this one I have won't play with 720kb disks either. From my 'modern' PC, I'm currently copying files to a CF card, then …

Re: Matrox card questions

The G550 is worse than the G400 yet it's years younger - it is die shrunk to save money with 64 bit memory bus. Technically it has a T&L engine but it only worked in their Headcasting thing - a crude 3d model of your head used when doing "video" conferencing. It was just awful. It is only any good …

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