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Re: VGA Capture Thread

To complete this post, here the japanese specs sheet of the Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI: http://www.micomsoft.co.jp/SC512N1_HARD_2013_04_09.pdf As you can see, 70hz framerate isn't included.

Re: The ultimate Ultima 7 machine

in Milliways
Also, I tested with the external cache disabled (via BIOS setting). No difference. And I consistently got the black screen, then time after the scene with the stone (before you even see the moongate). I even used the settings provided by the bootdisk. I can bypass the black screen problem by …

Re: MT-32 and Soundcard Speakers?

My sound card (an AWE32) has LINE IN, MIC IN, SPKR OUT, and LINE OUT. I assume I plug the MT-32 into the LINE IN and my speakers to the LINE OUT. LINE IN for the MT-32 cables. If you have amplified speakers (i.e with their own power source) you can use the LINE OUT. If not, you should use the SPKR …

Re: Need GUS advice (and two planned system builds)

Hi! The GUS setup is tricky: it changes the Blaster variable to allow the GUS's SoundBlaster emulation. Hence your real SoundBlaster card will be ignored. So the Blaster variable should be modified to fit with your physical SoundBlaster card: get it back to the previous values: I/0 220 d1 i5... …

Re: Help with the SB-CT3670

Cyclone3D should be right: diagnose.exe is required to set up properly your card on every boot. Mixerset allows to set up the volume. Older SoundBlasters use jumpers and newer ones (less old) use diagnose.exe. It is not a driver and does not take conventional memory.

Re: Need GUS advice (and two planned system builds)

hi! I run a GUS "classic, 3,74" along with a SoundBlaster 16. there is no problem :lol: . If you don't mind about recording while playing, you can't duplicate GUS's IRQ & DMA. Hence the GUS will need only 1 I/O adress, 1 IRQ & 1 DMA. Check it out: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=14008 Note: …

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