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Re: AWE 64 Gold - Audio output VERY low

tpowell.ca wrote: Have you tried midi (EMU chip) and digital audio? Yeah, none of the features are audible via the standard line out. However I I used a wire and connected it to the spdif/digital out on the sound card to another soundcard’s digital in and I can hear everything fine. It’s really …

AWE 64 Gold - Audio output VERY low

Hello all, I have recently taken my old awe 64 gold out of the cupboard and started tinkering with it. All was running fine for about 1 hour, then the audio volume level dropped dramatically. Then I tested the output of the card via SPIDIF and works ok, but on the analog line out I need to crank it …

Re: Sound Blaster Emulator for Dos?

And? Dosbox relies on existing and working sound drivers of the host. The host being Dos and no sound drivers for Dos means no sound in Dosbox. Dosbox can't produce sound out of thin air ;) Worked fine on my Samsung Netbook With MS DOS 7.10 installed There is a custom version of HX available here …

Re: HX DOS extender?

in DOS
I had an old netbook with a HDA controller lying around so I installed DOS 7.1 on it and tried it - I downloaded the modified version of hx 2.17 off http://sound-dos.ucoz.ru/, installed it and managed to get DOSBOX working with sound, although it is a little garbled. update - managed to fix the …

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