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Re: Remove the default Windows folders from the PATH in DOS 7.xx

in DOS
Yeah, but if possible I want to remove them completely from the path for specific configs. If I decide to boot into windows 98, I can't break MSDOS.SYS. Grzyb's suggestion could work, but there must be a way to bypass that completely. I wonder if that feature/annoyance is built into COMMAND.COM

Video ghosting blurriness and dark video output

I'm having an issue with an Nvidia GeForce GTS I acquired. The card appears to work just fine with the exception of VGA output. The problems in short are: - Ghosting - Dim luminance, excessive saturation - Diagonal banding in graphics modes The card does not have any visible damage, and does not …

Re: Issues with ESS ES1869

Very odd problem. If you want a manual configuration, I would suggest reserving IRQs 5 and 7 for ISA (non PnP) and DMA 1. Try and use the ESSCFG utility again with manually configured parameters. The other BIOS options should have very little if any effect, but you should still keep the PnP OS …

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