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Re: Varta Cure

Maybe a bit more documentation would be in order, if only a BOM for what is needed on top of the PCB. Just looking at the PCB I'd say it's a CR-2032 battery adapter to fit onto the pins of the typical Varta barrel. However the Vartas are rechargeable and CR-2032 isn't, so either it would need an LR- …

Re: Aztech Waverider 32+ Problem

Which sound are you talking about? This card has multiple sources: - OPL3 FM - DA - Wave from the onboard wavetable All have separate volume settings in the mixer. As you don't mention the mixer, I suspect you aren't using it yet. That might just be the problem.

Re: Iconic Sound Blaster CT numbers

I don't get the fuss, it's not like they're rare Dunno man, in my little remote country I've seen in-person one GUS in 30 years of being a PC enthusiast, and currently on ebay there are three in the entire world on sale. That's quite rare to me. They were a niche item in a niche market, they …

Re: Iconic Sound Blaster CT numbers

[...] It's a highly-opinionated way of looking at it. The criteria was "iconic and/or historically significant" Sound Blaster models, which can be arguably and legitimately applied to your earlier suggestions, as opposed to "Sound Blaster cards that dionb thinks are crap." Sure it's opinionated, …

Re: Difference between Ensoniq Soundscape ROMs?

Thanks! And very interesting. Comparing the DB rev B to both Opus recordings (swaaye's and tenorman's that I linked to) the two Opus sound identical - as expected - but your DB rev B definitely isn't. The samples are so similar it could be the same, but at an analog level something very different is …

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