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Re: BX vs VIA chipset

Aside from chipset, you're comparing a flagship motherboard from a top brand, Gigabyte GA-BX2000, with a PC Chips (Matsonic is one of their many synonyms) bottom-feeder board. I'd assume the Gigabyte BIOS is likely to be a lot more optimized than the PC Chips one. For an apples vs apples comparison …

Re: Which bootable disk is better for retro builds and why? MSDOS 6.22, Win98SE, freeDOS, Other?

It depends a bit on how retro your 'retro' is. For anything 386 onward, I'd go with the above suggestion for MSDOS 7.1 from Win98SE or potentially FreeDOS (or just use some FreeDOS tools with MSDOS 7.1). However if you want to play with XT-level stuff I'd suggest PCDOS 7.1 instead, as it offers …

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