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Re: Old Sierra Games in Windows

in Windows
If you have a reasonably fast computer and an old copy of windows 3.1 (or 3.11) lying around somewhere, you could also try it on a cvs-version of dosbox (look in the Forum "dosbox guides" on infos, how to run windows 3.x and install sound and graphics drivers). At least my Woodruff and the Schnibble …

Re: A glide wrapper for DOS programs

Hi Dege, Ok, it's not totally true that server-mode (so with dgvoodoo.exe) doesn't work at all with AD, but in this case all colors are messed up at the briefing screen and the in-text messages aren't visibile. Under Win98 (where I tried it out earlyer) you can run the missions that work in XP too …

Re: A glide wrapper for DOS programs

Hi All! This is my first Post, and I'd like to tell you all that I am nearly sucsessfull with running Schleichfahrt (Archimedean Dynasty) under Win XP. How? I used a weird combination of NOLFB and VDMSound. Mouse2KV is not absolutely necessary (it runs without that too), but it can help speeding up …

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