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Re: soj-dip adapter

I had planned to make more but things never got that far, I have a bag of PCBs and pins though not the SRAMs needed. After move is done I can do some on request. (I have PCBs for 32 and 128KB chips) Would you share your gerbers for us to start playing with? I see you have solder pads for both 0805 …

Re: soj-dip adapter

My point is that soldering pins on the bottom like that will be hacky and messy. Potential options: 1. A separate PCB with SOJ socket on it (or simply solder pads) that can be inserted vertically into the base one with the DIP pins using a SIPP-like connector. This way we can modularize the …

Re: soj-dip adapter

This is what you're looking for. 2-layer PCB, nothing special except how the pins are soldered. There's some free space left, so I would probably add a 0805 capacitor. Do we have a gerber for that? No gerber unfortunately. These were manufactured in the late 1990's. I only have a few units left and …

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