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Re: PNY Geforce GTX 650 2gb - wimpy card?

I think the GTX 960 is overkill for the E8400. Crysis is very dependent on a single fast thread. I would first check whether the GPU usage is at 100% with the GTX 650 during gameplay. If you were to step up to a GTX 960, pairing it with a Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPU would probably make for a more balanced …

Re: Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA

Have you ever managed to install a Catalyst driver for Ubuntu? Unfortunately, proprietary driver support on Linux for a particular driver package breaks with newer distribution releases because of new Xserver versions. The latest driver for HD4000 series was Catalyst 13.1 and supports Xserver 1.12. …

Re: Geforce 4 Ti 4200 Performance drop over time?

For reference, I wanted to know just how far this card can scale in 2001 SE with enough CPU power. 2001SE_5673.PNG This is with 56.73 drivers which come "stock" with Windows XP SP3. No overclocking was done. I prefer not to use older drivers that cheat to make results comparable with other (usually …

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