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Re: Roland MT-120

6379 is the lowest cost version, and its main issue is both channels use same VREF internally and it increases stereo crosstalk and distortion a little. 6376 and 63200 also have separate analog and digital power rails which helps to improve performance even more compared to 6379.

Re: Roland MT-120

The format which Roland and many japanese things in general outputs is Left Justified which, unlike I2S and Right Justified (LSB aligned), requires receiving side to explicitly know how many bits is transferred or you get messed up output since bits are actually misaligned and all zero crossings get …

Re: MDR-401x and MT 32: No sound.

Do you get sound from the MT32 when it is connected to SB16 ? Any game capable of outputting MIDI will be able to make it do at least some sounds. If it doesn't react then it is possible that your MT32 has a fault in it, perhaps cracked solder on MIDI input port.

Re: Faulty Roland RAP-10 Repair Help Needed

Since there was some sound the problem is going to lie in the sea of capacitors and 8 pin chips (the analog area). It is possible some passives don't connect, and perhaps cause something like a missing reference voltage or a power rail... EDIT: other option is that vinegar bath was not done and …

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