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Re: Weird OMTi 486 mb

Toshiba (NEC and many others) made ASICs for many companies. Gate arrays were pretty common products, with only metal layer(s) customisation needed to get the final design. Decap will tell for sure what exactly goes on inside. UMC was one of the companies that did silicon for others (and themselves …

Roland SCB55 rev00 reversed channels fix

Roland SCB55 revision 00 has a problem, namely the left and right channels are swapped. Some boards came from factory with wire patches that reverse the channels and later revision 01 swaps DAC output lines going to WB header... but there's a different and better way to do this, and I am unsure why …

Re: Trident 8900D ISA Dead

I just now notice the card is 8900D-R, and that R should mean there is an internal ROM. Are you sure the EPROM was harvested from the card (i.e solder work was seen on the vias where you put the socket on) ?

Re: ATi Mach64 WinBoost - Memory expansion chips

CBR refresh uses the internal refresh counter of the DRAM chip and there are many more rows in the larger chip (and controller doesn't specify which row, it only tells "refresh" and memory chip does rest on its own). All of them must still be refreshed in 16ms (or 32 or 64, depending on partcular …

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