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Re: Help - FM music played at slow speed on DOS games.

The sound issues are likely due to conflict between what is set by BIOS and what other programs want to set. I had some headache with my Toshiba laptop also and it took some fiddling to finally get sound. As far as slowdown goes, it most probably is due to 60Hz operation of the LCD. There definitely …

Re: Can't get YMF71x to work in DOS mode

BIOS startup shows assignments given by the BIOS, SETYMF will override those with whatever you have chosen and can also update SET BLASTER if you make it (it is an option in the program). Try setting PnP OS installed to YES in the BIOS, I have had to do this on one motherboard to get the card work. …

Re: Can't get YMF71x to work in DOS mode

Do sound tests work in SETYMF ? If there is sound but IRQ count stays zero you likely have an IRQ conflict but if no sound happens at all then the problem is DMA related if there are no other error messages shown during program startup. Are there error messages shown by SETYMF ? You definitely …

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