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Re: ESFM reverse-engineered

ESFM is still made to be OPL family compatible part, and OPL family lacks some of the parameters of other families (OPN, OPM in particular) and the range they got. Freq register and TL are smaller for example, while SL and Detune are missing altogether and this alone will make it difficult to get …

Re: VGA cable signal degradation at high resolutions.

To point out few things : You are being very optimistic about what everyone has available to them (OP has modern 1440p monitor, so no CRT magic of not having native resolution for him here). Connecting VGA output to any modern digital only monitor, will result in reduction of max res/refresh to …

Re: VGA cable signal degradation at high resolutions.

VGA has no inherent resolution limit, you can push as high freqs as your video card allows and monitor can accept. The main limit is video card, they usually have 400MHz pixel clock limit on VGA output which makes it impossible to do stuff like 4k for example. 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz is not at all a …

Re: VGA cable signal degradation at high resolutions.

VGA cable can make a difference for sure. There can be blurring toward right side of screen, oscillations that cause some bright streaks toward right around text and other fine details, and reflections that cause faint copies of existing details toward right side. Much of it comes from bad impedance …

Re: Roland MT-32 CM-32L upgrades?

in MT-32 General
This is for 2nd generation MT32s without the PGA LA32 chip, for these you simply use CM32 or LAPC program ROM and burn a new sample ROM with the extra sounds and you get all the fun. You might have to solder a wire to bring in the highest address line to the sample memory chip. 27C801 and one wire …

Re: CT3670 RAM

Take a pencil eraser to the ISA connector of the card, this will clean things up and at least rule out one problem. Perhaps try different versions of the Creative drivers, there are a number of versions around.

Re: CT3670 RAM

Ideally you need two matching sticks, your options are 2x 1MB, 2x 4MB and 2x 16MB. Parity SIMMs will work but are not good to use on these sound cards because the parity lines are not connected and any digital chip with floating inputs can do strange things. The sticks you got should mix and work …

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