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Re: MIDI to VGM translator

Updated. output file ends with a 0x66 code (fixes VGM ROM CREATOR) new X68000 build, and X68000 player for YM2151 VGMs supports vibrato using controller #1 (modulation wheel) and XM2MID can convert 4xx vibrato effects SN76 drums are less buggy and terrible non-DOS builds allocate more memory to …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
To conclude the matters I wrote about in my last post: I've been playing ToK , a very long JRPG, for over a year. I made it to the (final?) boss on the 256th floor a while ago. On my first attempt I got wiped out by the second form. I carefully reconfigured my party for another attempt, in which I …

Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

My player doesn't use interrupts at all. It does count the 44KHz samples for each VGM wait. After a certain number of samples have passed (IIRC I had it set to 1/180 of a second) then it watches the PIT counter until the required time has passed. When the CPU is too slow, the PIT counter will have …

Re: Weird BIOS issue. or perhaps just that old? only 4 digit HDD info? 128MB (not GB) SD card too big? DTI 386 SBC.

Win10 told you it was 128GB. How did you come to the conclusion that it is 128MB? From the autodetect on a retro system? If you already have it setup on one system using LBA, then I don't expect it will work on another one using CHS. If this is indeed a 128MB card, then I would try setting it up in …

Re: OPTiFM(tm) native, OPL3 superset mode

Interesting. I have a '931 card but had no luck trying to read MCIR registers, let alone switch on the 'enhanced' mode to try guessing at new registers. The SNDINIT.EXE program monkeys with port $F8D a lot, but I haven't seen where any of the Windows drivers do.

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