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Re: Tandy 2500 XL "C0 to 1E0" patching

I have a tandy third-party soundcard that I've installed on my Sensation 2 at the default port (C0h) and it doesn't actually interfere with anything (SO FAR), despite that being the supposed second DMA controller port. Port C0 is the address register for DMA channel 4, which I don't think is …

Re: Tandy 2500 XL "C0 to 1E0" patching

I can't recall exactly from memory, but most of the mentioned games in the OP are out c0h, al which is basically a 2 byte instruction. Patching to 1E0h is more involved: mov dx, 1e0h out dx, al 4 bytes right there. Unless there's a couple of NOP's in the sound subroutine it will be a gargantuous or …

Re: The most powerful Windows 2000 GPU?

Somebody reported running a GTX285 on stock Win2k. GTX 480 or the like might be possible also, as these are supported cards under the 258.xx drivers. With extended kernel I use a GTX 660 on the 310.70 driver. Other driver versions seem to always BSOD. For issues with BWC kernel you should reach out …

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