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3dfx Voodoo3 SLI pinout?

I'm working on a new build and had the thought of running the VGA output of the Voodoo3 through an HDMI adapter. I was wondering if the pinout for the SLI header is known and if it has a video signal that can be tapped into without having SLI enabled. Looking at the pinout of the main die itself I …

Re: Gateway 09-00144-01 motherboard (4DX2-66V) schematics or need help fixing trace

Sorry for the bump, just wanted to update with an answer for anyone that has a similar problem. As I stated previously, I plugged a KVM in using a PS/2 to AT keyboard adapter and it completely burnt up a trace. This trace was for the 5v line. The pin I connected to in the second picture was not the …

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