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Re: 325T Build

IMO, The onboard CL-5244 should be good enough, it’s not like a better card will make Doom or newer games more enjoyable. Maybe consider other options if acceleration under Win3.x is important to you. For sound I’d grab something like SB pro / SB16 / or clone with OPL3 - you don’t want to miss out …

Re: Rendition Verite Thread

New question, is there a anyway to fix the dismal Doom and general poor DOS 2d performance on these cards? I would look for a Dos Doom port that supports other resolutions- I recall MFB supports 640x400, Renutil might work with that. The real issue would be for less popular games stuck on Mode X.

Re: P III vs P4

there are some late XP patches that assume you have SSE2 instructions and will bork a Pentium3 or older machine. I don't think so, I have fully patched XP SP3 running on my both P-!!! + Athlon MP systems. As I recall it's Windows 7 that has the patches that need SSE2 Hmm seems you are right, I was …

Re: P III vs P4

If I wanted to run XP to game on I wouldn't use a P3 or a P4. Reasons and certainly not bad ones. Now If i wanted to play retro games XP isn't the platform to do that on, 9X is. Any game that will run on XP, will also run on a core2duo. I agree with this but OP if you are intent on running XP on a …

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