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Roland MT32 CM64L Issues in World of Xeen

I have been trying to diagnose a freezing issue with World of Xeen on my 386 with a 486slxc2 cpu. I am using an Ess Audiodrive card, a PC Midi card, a Roland Mt32 and CM64l. I will also mention that the cd rom is ran through the header on the ESS. The game only freezes when using the MT32 or cm64l, …

Re: I de-CQMed my AWE32 PnP CT3990...!

As long as the wattage of the resistors is at least 1/8W I don't think the other specs will be too important. You want 0805 (2012 metric) size parts for this application. Though generally you'd want the lowest ppm and tolerance range for the resistors; in this circuit those specs are not too …

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