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Re: GUS PnP support in Epic Silverball and Pinball?

I did try the sound setup, yes. I also ran prepgame once. I have to investigate more, it seems. I only tried Silverball so far, because currently I only have the 286 installed in my machine. Will swap it for the 486 board in the next days though. Funny enough to get a GUS PnP running on a 286 you …

GUS PnP support in Epic Silverball and Pinball?

The GUS PnP Readme states that I should choose SoundBlaster and run the emulator for Epic Pinball and Silverball. Those games (as well as Zone66, Jazz Jackrabbit and OMF) have GUS support, but they won't work with the PnP? Are there any patches available to still get GUS PnP support?

Re: Demo for GUS on 286?

With SoundBlaster you can run Crystal Dream by Triton. That works quite well on a 286. Actually the PC demo scene was not that great until 1993/94. That's when the really good productions took off, IMHO. The Amiga scene was way ahead thanks to the powerful custom chips. However with the demise of …

Re: Demo for GUS on 286?

Answering my own question: It seems "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" fits the criteria: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=1355 EDIT: Almost! It is supposed to run, but on my machine there is only garbage on screen. The music works, though! :) EDIT 2: By swapping the TVGA 9000 for an ET4000 I got it …

Demo for GUS on 286?

Are there any demos (like Panic, 2nd Reality) that support a 286 AND the Gravis Ultrasound? Crystal Dreams runs on a 286, but supports only Sound Blaster... Seems the overlap of the 286 and GUS era was too small. Which is a shame, because the GUS is a great accelerator, taking a big load of the CPU …

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