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Re: Covox Sound Master Reverse Engineering / Replica

The AVR AY looks really cool. It does. I'm still wondering how difficult (and how expensive) it would be to squeeze something like that in one of these IC packages . Unfortunately, nobody appears to sell them in small quantities. They look like the ultimate solution for chip replacements. Slightly …

Re: Say "Hi!" to the Renovation SSI-2001!

I love the idea of the card. Is the header at the top for programming the STM32? Whenever this goes into production, I would take a kit, I think. Regarding brackets: is there a plan to make a variant compatible with a standard bracket, such as this? https://www.keyelco.com/product.cfm/product_id/ …

Re: SVGA/VESA Emulator for DOS?

Sci-Tech Display Doctor or UNIVBE. But that doesn't work, it just is a driver for cards that support svga/vesa. What I want to do is to run nfs on VGA-ONLY video modes. Anyway when I run it I get this: "Supported video card not detected - installation aborted" Also wikipedia says "UniVBE requires a …

Re: Vogons Video Announcement Thread

in Milliways
EDIT: Apparently my memory is correct but this 2600 version looks better than the old 800XL version in many ways so I guess it is a new port from another source? This is written from scratch by Oscar Toledo, aka nanochess (https://nanochess.org/). He took the arcade or 800XL version as inspiration. …

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