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ISA sound cards with digital out.

Theres does not seem to be any list anywhere I could find of ISA cards with digital out. So far I've only been able to find 3 cards with this feature. CMI-8330, Header on card AWE64 Gold, Header on card Terratec ews64xl with front/header box

Re: Retro computer builds that surprised you the most because they worked better than expected

ya I wasn't expecting much either, that being said it barely runs quake so it's not really saying much. If you put a voodoo 1 in there it will probably run quake just fine. Turned out that it was pretty decent for Dos gaming though becasue the integrated sound turned out to be not actually bad at …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Not worth frying a pcx2 to get marginally better fps in games that don't run well on them to begin with my 2 cents stick with playing mw2 re1 and whatever games have superior ports which are the only relevant reasons to play with the cards pushing the cards way past their limits to not even achieve …

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