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Re: Voodoo 2 sli board, real or fake?

Someone overbid my friend online... for this gem tofay. What do you guys think? Worth the money? Screenshot_20210412-195249_eBay.jpg As an investment, it's questionable. There might come a time when the next generation the Gen Z kids don't give a shit about it so your return investment might not be …

Re: Newly made PCMCIA sound card

Same theres no reason to stop that project but the two do not necessarily need to be the same. theres been products around made by Magma that are pcmcia to PC I am no engineers but Id think just a simple PCMCIA card to 2 port external PCMCIA would be even simpler than pcmcia to PCI.

Re: Bare 3Dfx Voodoo 2 board pictures

you can buy working ones for 150 if I check sold listings people have bought working ones for around 100. I assume you could find a broken one for less than 50. In all honesty to have PCBs made, get all the chips to go on one, you are looking at more than 150 dollars that way, but I could be wrong. …

Re: Bare 3Dfx Voodoo 2 board pictures

I've never seen one alternately you could buy a broken voodoo 2 and use some hotair to remove all the components then you can check traces. Id think more info could be learned from that than looking at a picture assuming one exists in the quality you want.

Re: Datalight ROM-DOS 7.1

At one time before they got aquired they were giving away single user for free if you registered on the site. I still have the 7.1 main disk but I cannot find the sockets or SDK disk for the life of me and I know for a fact I had both. Maybe If someone could tell me the file name of the 2nd disk it …

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