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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Great news ! Does this guy have the time to look into other Splinter Cell related issues? There are a couple i described in my posts. Looked in git, not sure i see this user doing patches for games. :) Do you have a link with his git page.? I bookmarked this page where he posted some SC stuff. I …

Re: What's the dumbest retro mistake you've made?

in Milliways
My biggest mistake was throwing away my first computer. It was a Pentium 2 from 1999 with some Voodoo graphics card. I never even opened the case, I was a complete noob. I usually don't throw anything, I still have my Watara Supervision which is even older and doesn't work.

Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator

in Milliways
I don't want to play these AAA titles with low graphics settings, I want 4K and ultra graphics settings. But I don't want to throw away my money to build another desktop computer either, I'm fed up of desktop computers. My definition of playable does not mean being able to play a game on low …

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