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Re: TNDLPT : Tandy Sound on parallel port

Thats awesome! Let's see if I get this correctly. So you used the Thexder [a3] (1987)(Sierra On-Line, Inc.) [Action] version from the TDC 18 am I correct? Then overwrite the files from the thex88 folder, and then overwrite the same files again from inside the tandy folder. And then finally boot with …

Re: TNDLPT : Tandy Sound on parallel port

Hey mothergoose729, Thank you so much! This is a very special game to me. It was the second AGI game after Mother Goose I ever played :) That's definitely some excellent deductive thinking on your part! And Donald Duck's playground is also hugely appreciated, especially considering Al Lowe also …

Re: TNDLPT : Tandy Sound on parallel port

Can anyone help me out? I am having some trouble with getting larry 1 [1987] to work on my TNDLPT. I tried every single version I could find with both AGIT2915 and AGIT2917 patches. As far as I know, there are only 2 versions released; one hangs on dos, and the other gives a blue screen. I got …

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