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Re: Drive bay rails

I own tons of different drive rails myself, but neither the ones you need, nor the ones I need for myself. Looking for the right rails for my DEC Prioris for years allready. I even dumped nice retro cases due to the total lack of mounting rails. Best workaround might be 3D printing or otherwise …

Re: IBM PC 330-P90

The driver will not load, because the system is not able to insert to the token ring as long as it is not connected to a MAU like an IBM 8228 or something equivalent. There are token ring switches availiable as well as token ring boards with 100 MBit, but without an ethernet to tr bridge you will …

Re: Resurection Of A Dirty Compaq

Good job. I like these old Deskpros too. Got some 2000, 4000 and 6000 as well as three of the SFF. The 4000 allready has AGP grapfics but with a proprietary slot cover, while the 6000 is the PPro edition of the Deskpro. I was able to grab the graphics memory upgrade as well as the 100 MBit Network …

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