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Re: Worst tips from tech support

in Milliways
Brickpad wrote on 2021-06-07, 19:56: ... This is also a guy who likes to brag that he has a Bachelor's degree (in an unrelated field) and an MCSE certification. Ah, a Minesweeper Consultant and Solitaire Expert.

Re: rails

3D print is easy for plastic rails, but for the pictured metallic ones it will be difficult. Definitely had something like this in my sticky hands before , but not sure if its integrated somewhere now or just gathering dust in a box. I will check my spares if there might be a matching pair an pm you …

Re: Resurrecting a Deskpro 4000

If you ever want to restore your backuped data go for the DLT and not for the DAT. DAT drives tend to become WOMs (write only memory) especially if you swapped the drive due to a defect. The Deskpro 4000 is a really nice system, got some 2000/4000/6000 myself, but I prefer the minitower models.

Re: Origin or Steam

in Milliways
I would recommend Steam due to poor localisation of Origin. It was not possible to play Origin games in a different language than the one supported in your download area. Namely Dragon Age which I started to play from the DVD in english but was only able to play it in german after Origin …

Re: Compaq/HP Restore Plus! Machine check

I once had the same Issue with a XW4600, Z400, Z600, Z800 Restore CD despite using the correct media for the machine. The box needed a BIOS update first to get detected correctly. It looks like the installer checks the machine type in BIOS so you will need the matching media for your machine. I …

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