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Re: Compaq power supply pinouts archive. (from 8088, 286 and 386, 486, and pentium era ISA and EISA era.

Quick add on: Deskpro 486/33L has CPU board while 486/50L has CPU on planar. Some L and Systempro CPU board are single use only and cannot be used for Systempro dual CPU, while 386/486 combo is supported. I probably can provide info on the Systempro and Deskpro N due to complete system reference …

Re: Compaq Prosignia 3080 / 486DX33

So have you tested TIGA under Windows? My understanding is that it shouldn't be worse than 8514/A, which was it's main competitor. Apparently Hercules' main target market for their TIGA cards were Windows users. I've never owned a TIGA card, so I wonder if there is much variation in performance …

Re: Compaq Prosignia 3080 / 486DX33

Not sure about the SMART 2/E, but I can confirm the SMART working in the Prosignia and due to the fact it based on the same technology it is most probably supported. Missing W9x drivers for these controllers are definitely an issue. Did not think about tis due to the fact mine are running Netware …

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