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Re: Getting to run few stubborn DOS games

You're on the right track, but Throttle does slow things down to a crawl if run without the "-C" parameter (telling it to NOT disable L1 cache, which is the case by default). Anyway, there is now a new utility including both the chipset throttling and CPU's own ODCM (which is another 12.5% increment …

Re: ESS Solo-1 - pure PCI vs. SB-link

On ICH-enabled Intel chipsets (i810 and up), the situation is worse, but you can get there by using a couple of tricks :) Here's my attempt on covering the ISA SBPro compatibility with this card as a single sound source on a Pentium III DOS gaming rig: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=62&t= …

Re: Your oldest favorite computer game?

in Milliways
Love Street Rod but could never finish the road track in Street Rod 2 Yeah, me neither: I've finished the first one multiple times, but the Mulholland Drive race in 2 is a vicious b**ch! Btw, according to a youtube comment I've read recently, turns out you can shuffle the placement of the car- …

Re: Your oldest favorite computer game?

in Milliways
Thanks for the interesting thread, OP! Will definitely check out Hidden Agenda. As for me, it is Street Rod 2 (1990). I've found out about it in a 2000's PC games magazine, which had a column on old DOS games. This game is to American Graffiti what Need for Speed: Underground is to Fast & Furious: …

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