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Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

Anybody has other OpenGL versions available for Rage Pro/LTPRO/XL/XC/Mobility-P/M and Windows 9x? MiniGL 4.10.1010 4.10.1021 4.10.1036 OpenGL 4.11.1051 4.11.1058 4.11.1060 4.11.1065 4.11.1068 4.11.1076 4.11.1077 4.11.1084 4.11.1085 4.11.1091 4.12.1091 4.11.1094 4.12.1094 4.12.1095 4.12.1096 4.12. …

Re: Could you build a retro PC right now?

in Milliways
I have more than 400 cpus, maybe 450 by now, a lot of gpu-s - list not made yet, not so much soundcards, plenty of ram, 15-20 cases with motherboards, i am missing psu-s and at cases mostly, oldest motherbards from 386 up to amd am3+/s775 (most newer parts are win9x compatible). I like more amd cpus …

Re: "ATIQuake" miniGL for Q1 & Q2 on Rage Pro

In OpenGL and Quake maybe it is not possible to get 40fps with RagePro, but lets see. I get with my AMD K6-2+@350Mhz 30.2fps with glquake, also there is ppquake with 3dnow support, that i would like to get and try. 30fps@timedemo demo1 without any tweaks or overclock with resolution 640x480x16 is ok …

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

I found two MiniGL betas, Glbeta2 4.10.1010 and GLbeta3 4.10.1021 and i have 4.12 and 4.11 versions of 1091 and 1094, but these two 4.11 and 4.12 versions seems similar to me. Also i have found OpenGL 4.11.1084, 4.12.1095 and 4.12.1106 and i am missing from already mentioned ones, 4.11.1071 version. …

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

Second link works, thanks. The first link will work for you if it is your site or you are registered there, but it didn't for me :) Second link is my site, first one was file share site, that should work for everyone, without registration for uploads and downloads. Glad that you got them! You got …

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

debs3759 wrote on 2021-03-15, 18:56: Access is forbidden to that page (403 error) I can download it, direct link: https://www88.zippyshare.com/d/KdvhyJx6/25322 … epro-opengl.zip Also uploaded same file to my page, direct link: www.hingetee.ee/meedia/rage/opengl/ragepro-opengl.zip

Re: Voodoo 1 Problem, texture glitches.

I say something similar with voodoo2 12mb, i had it and it hang and had artifacts, solution was to underclock memory from 90Mhz to 85MHz and everything worked from that moment on, it still works. Use older driver, driver that support 486 and K5 cpus, for me the old voodoo1 drivers are the best. If …

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

debs3759 wrote on 2021-03-15, 10:51: Can you upload a rar or zip of the full set? Would save a lot of searching when it comes time for testing them 😀 Of course, i upload them later today. 1068 is fast for me and 1073 should also (for older OpenGL games).

ATi RagePro OpenGL files

I have many OpenGL versions for Rage Pro based cards, but i do not have all of them. If you have some other versions, please share download link. At the moment i made quick list, what i have, but i also upload them if someone needs them. I would like to get other RPro OpenGL files as well, i am …

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