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Re: Unofficial Soundbanks for Dreamblaster X2/X3M

Can someone who is able please port this newly made WTFPL public domain awe32-sized GM compatible acapella soundfont that can be found here: https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/712 over to the dreamblaster. I cannot test this as I do not have a dreamblaster, but I want those who do have one to …

Re: Resound OPL3 AdLib sound card just released

@TexElec I would consider getting this card for my PC if you added the 2 Philips SAA1099 PSG Chips from the Gameblaster and older Sound Blaster Cards to the card in a new version. Each of the 2 SAA1099 chips has 2 audio outputs per chip. This means a better quadraphonic SB16 can be made. In addition …

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