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Re: MP-32 : Pi based MT32, GM, ... module

ok i create a different thread for this MP32L -> MP32-Lite This will be ready faster than the full blown MP32 I personally think that a midi synth controlled by the Pi when the Pi is already being used as an external CPU to control that is a bit overkill, so the MP32-Lite might be better now that …

Re: Can my Sound Blaster Pro 2 be saved?

Hey I recently had a very very similar issue with my strange soundblaster clone card, it could make digital audio but FM audio was near silent. That turned out to be a faulty FM DAC, which was fixed when I replaced the 'SC802' with a regular YM3014. Here's my experience with it: https://www.vogons. …

Re: Show us your custom Physical mt32-pi Builds

Mine is excessively fancy because the plan is to share it whenever I get around to making a PCB so it's easier to make :) There's no shame in having a simpler case, the whole MT32-pi project seems to me, to be about making this all easy and accessible, especially if you've got a USB > MIDI thing …

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