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Re: w i n d o w s

in Windows
You can add another primary partition and install another operating system there. However, you have to extract it's boot sector then, save as file on the windows 2000 boot partition, and to include it in boot.ini - you have a boot menu then. For operating systems like DOS the new partition has to be …

Re: ITX-Llama

Swap PS/2 connector with sound connector. Then swap network connector with sound connector. https://www.google.com/search?q=old+atx+backplate&tbm=isch Note that you also can use just one PS/2 connector. It then is combined for mouse and keyboard by using all 6 wires. There also exist passive cable …

Re: ITX-Llama

Eivind wrote on 2023-03-31, 14:01: I'm open to everyone's feedback and suggestions while finalizing the design for this board! Too bad you cannot layout the connectors on the back of the mainboard to fit to the contemporary backplates... But, however you will include a backplate for sure.

Re: ITX-Llama

Ah, that's easy. Some newer supplys have 24 pin connectors that can't be split to 20+4 pin connectors. So if you use a 20 pin connector on the motherboard, a 24 pin supply connector won't be blocked by capacitors. You need a 24 pin connection when that one +12V wire from the supply does not have …

Re: ITX-Llama

You can use a 20 pin connector. But I recommend to leave the space next to it free, at least from big capacitors like in your pictures. But a 20 pin cable will also fit into a 24 pin connector on the board. It won't make any problem as long as you have same power connections shorted. 24 pin became …

Re: Retro OSes for retro computers

Today, we will reach the sky with SkyOS, a one man project from Australia started in the late 90s as free, the system became commercial after a point, but the author decided to release the latest beta version publicly after stopping its development. Austria, not Australia. It basically was a one …

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