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Re: 3dmark99 MegaThread

OS - Windows 98SE Motherboard - Lenovo OEM board (G41/ICH7 Socket 775) CPU - Intel E8400 Core2Duo Video Card - ATI Radeon x600 Pro Benchmark settings - default, except Wait for Vsync disabled Also, video card hard-modded - overclocked by about 15% Results: 26,746 (3d marks) 70,052 (CPU marks) The …

Gamepad "not detected"

Well, I've exhausted everything I know of to try to troubleshoot this, and I'm just not having any luck. My setup is an MS-7145 Motherboard (socket 754) and in one of the PCI slots, I have a PCI sound card (an ALS-4000-based card). Sound works fine. In the device manager, the gameport shows up fine. …

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