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Re: GeForce 4 vs. GeForce FX?

I played Crysis to completion at 10 fps, but the motion blur helped a lot to compensate. This game was definitely the exception for me, as there wasn't anything contemporary at the time that could run it well anyways. Crysis for me was the last of its kind that pushed the limits of the PC hardware …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
badmojo wrote on Yesterday, 23:00: I think we're lucky to have mods at all, and a site for that matter. Get over it. I'm fine with the moderators deleting the post made by a spam account. What happened was an accident and I reposted the information without any further problem.

Re: GeForce 4 vs. GeForce FX?

The range where PII/ PIII of range 233 MHz to 800MHz is too underpowered for made to run in windows 98 era games and too fast for DOS games. "Too fast for DOS games" is irrelevant for almost all mainstream DOS games released in the VGA/SVGA era (with the exception of a handful of Turbo Pascal based …

Re: Old games that had CD Audio tracks?

in DOS
While I was not the mod who did this and don't know the exact details, I can generally say that when you're quoting and answering a "spam" post, then it's normal that any replies to that post is removed during thread cleanups, or else it just gets confusing for other visitors who will not …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
I recently had one of my posts deleted by a moderator without any notification or reason given. After I raised a report, it was explained that my post got deleted because I had replied to a spam account. To clarify, I quoted exactly three lines from that spam post. They were simply the names of …

Re: Cirrus Logic CL-5446

Yep, the VBE implementation on older nVidia cards are decent. UniRefresh or VBEHz can be used to set the screen refresh rate for each resolution. The only exception is that they don't support 15bpp video modes that some games use (Alien Trilogy's high color option is one of these). offtopic: with a …

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