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Re: Is it possible to have HDMI output in DOS 6.22?

I have a GeForce MX440 with a DVI port, and that works fine in DOS. However, when you use the DVI port it forces the Video signal to 60 Hz even if you use “70 Hz” display modes like text mode or 320x200. This is evidenced by scrolling demos either running too slow or stuttering where they shouldn’t …

Re: UNIVBE 4.0 and old hardware

auron wrote on Yesterday, 19:04: probably a redundant question, but what kind of DOS software can leverage SVGA modes while actually running on a 286? Software that predates VESA like PC Paintbrush and they required developer support for vendor specific video modes.

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
Have one feedback related to searching around this forum, could sort the search results starting from the most recent one ("sk=t" for the URL parameter) by default? I don't like the way how the search results are currently sorted.

Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
The Model M isn't even a mechanical keyboard in th first place. It is a noisy tactile rubber dome keyboard. I do have one and like it OK, but it is nothing compared to a real mechanical keyboard False, it uses buckling spring over membrane. However there are some variants that do indeed use rubber …

Re: Downgrading Dx Versions

Be warned that video drivers will have D3D HALs written for a minimum DirectX version. (i personally think DX downgrading's all crap advice anyway as the APIs separate their major releases in different DLLs) Here's an example: Dungeon Keeper 2 doesn't play nice with DX9b. Works fine with dx8.1.... …

Re: Why is Gravis Ultrasound very expensive?

in Windows
rare, but not at all desirable unless you play epic pinball games. There is a bit more than just Epic Pinball such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Zone 66, Stargunner (not sure about this one but it doesn't allow me to select the sample rate and DMA channel in the setup program for the GUS), Death Rally and …

Re: Why is Gravis Ultrasound very expensive?

in Windows
Although AMD made the InterWave chip which was more capable than the GF1, the additional features were barely used even in the demoscene. The compatibility issue appears to be timing-related which doesn't match the GF1, but in most cases this was hardly noticeable. More information about this in …

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