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Re: 32-Bit is dead

in Milliways
linux 64bit wasn't written from scratch. Lots of it was ported from 32bit and some even just have a layer to run on 64bit. Last I run linux 32bit on 64bit capable cpu I was surprised it actually ran more robustly but I won't mention the distros I will not turn people away from thei favs inc 64bit. …

Re: Newbie wants to say "Hi!" :)

in Milliways
I'd just like to say welcome and good luck with your retro ventures. I for one would like to say that, it doesn't matter what you have; its how you use it. The best top shelf expensive stuff isn't needed to enjoy retro computing. There will always be bugs to work out and this forum can help. I have …

Re: How can I FAT32 format my hard disk?

in Milliways
I've got an old 500GB hard disk, which I messed about a bit with (possibly put Win 7 on it at some point) but now I'd like to install Win98SE to run an old game. However when I come to reset the disk, fdisk worked fine, and now the disk reports it's in RAW format. I tried doing a format to FAT32 …

Re: Another Radeon 9800 pro with artifacts

It just seems your cards fried from wear and tear and the flux has left the solder joins. Personally I'd lube the circuitry with a flux tube and heat it up to shine the solder up without moving the components. Some people put their motherboards in the oven to do that too but I think that's a little …

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