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Re: I wish I had discovered Windows ME sooner!

WinMe sucked on 98SE hardware because everyone had 98SE hardware. 98SE hardware didn't get Me qualified drivers and most pcs were everyday half way through lifecycle stuff. Skipping the 9x era into 2000 - 2007 hardware was the golden era for all win 9x like pentium 4 cpu's They had the unqualified …

Re: Retro OSes for retro computers

well, i have vanilla editions of windows xp home oem and pro retail on offer that run on pc's up till 2014 that has everything included thanks to volunteer efforts is that a worthy mention as retro yet? i don't include keys btw.... no posi terminal stuff or web 2.0 included just everything official …

Re: Best Midi Player For Dos And Windows

for win9x I'd recommend Yamaha softsynth XG100plus installs a software driver and provides a player including mixer and an instrument changing feature that can change on - the-fly as music plays; haven't seen a live instrument changer ever that didn't lag and yamaha nailed it nicely!

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