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Re: Radeon X1600 Pro compatibility with Windows 98

Apparently there are unsigned Millennium edition drivers in an ATI V6.5 driver installer release it is said they are unsigned but compatible with both millennium and 98se. I looked everywhere so I will try the v6.2 release for 98/me Personally I need it but I can't find it all i see is use v6.2 does …

Re: windows 98 4.10.2222 A - called: Win ME???

This happens when you install nusb36. I'm still trying to figure out where I can change it. What if you restore the original SYSTRAY.EXE, USER.EXE and USER32.DLL after installing NUSB36? I used this approach to allow NUSB to run on different languages which did not have an 'official' NUSB release. …

Re: Daemon tools 10.2

in Windows
I use (2014) on everything since it's the last version with old interface and without additional bloat in installer. Later versions don't offer anything really useful, since CD/DVD protection died by that time. I'll have to give that a go soon on xp I still like to play my good old …

Re: Fact review on graphics card purchase for XP

I gots these great AMD fm2+ motherboards with amd A series cpus i have the option of up to 2gb shared memory for HDMI / VGA video. The built in GPU of these cpu's has great potentual based on the R7 gpu. One I use sometimes allows me to dual boot windows 11 and I chose server 2003 for native high …

Re: Daemon tools 10.2

in Windows
the paid versions of alcohol 52% and 120% have unlimited virtual drives but the emulation is cool daemon tools v3.x is good enough for xp and below i dunno about data dvd copy protection

Re: Happy new year

in Milliways
Happy new year my new years resolution is to make a deluxe yamaha soft synth xg100plus installer that includes xgedit95 , and true 48,000hz 4mb tonebank enabled by default no diddle with configs. May include other goodies in the bundle for the high end win9x musical experience.

Re: Play Midi files, Windows 3.1

i found this site it has a driver package that appears to have fm support http://www.win3x.org/win3board/viewtopic.php? … 482&language=en perhaps there might be an ess audio rack to use it or even with wins32 installed if only 32bit available.

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
in the mid 90's playing shareware games i came across cat splat it was a cat shooting game instead of shooting clay, cats would fly in the air and if you shoot it you score and it splatters i confess i loved it probably that most shareware was crap 🤣

Merry Christmas Music 2021

Hi, and Merry Christmas. With great joy (bit late) I'd like to share with you some christmas music from my 20 year old PC the Abit VP6. Its got great synthesizer potentual. The link allow you to play the derivative but you can also download the 250mb WAVE version which I'd like to ask be used in CD …

Re: suggestions for windows XP

in Milliways
I wonder how much money Microsoft could "save" by closing down activation servers for WinXP. There's no dedicated XP servers as of now, but phone activation covers all Microsoft products. It's not really a problem for them to keep algorithm for XP on unified server. And phone servers quickly " …

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