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Re: Aureal Vortex different models

https://www.vogonswiki.com/index.php/Aureal_Semiconductor Aureal Vortex Advantage: http://www.elhvb.com/mobokive/archive/premio/bios/6178-cs1x/Aureal%20Vortex%20Advantage%20AU8810.pdf Thank you for the clarification, so basically the Vortex Advantage (AU8810) is a better version than vanilla Vortex …

Aureal Vortex different models

Hello, I've found that I have 3 different models of Aureal Vortex card and I need your help to identify them. photo_2020-06-27_18-01-25.jpg AU8820B2 should be the Aureal Vortex 1 AU8830A2 should be the Aureal Vortex 2 What I can't understand is AU8810A1, what is it? The card seems cheaper than the …

Geforce 4 ti4600 with missing crystal oscillator

Hello, I recently bought this video card sold cheap because it gives no video signal, I noticed that it is missing the quartz in Y200 position. Geforce 4 ti4600 layout: https://vgamuseum.ru/wp-content/gallery/albatron-geforce-4-ti-4600/albatron_gf4_ti4600_f.jpg My card: https://imgur.com/a/CSfEuBi …

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