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Re: My HP Kayak gamestation build

My HP Kayak XAs and XU tower workstations have onboard “Advanced logic” sound chip. There is no volume dial you have to install the driver and use the windows volume settings. I think there are drivers for Win95/Win98/NT-4.0 and maybe Win2000. Dual CPU’s are only supported in Win-2000 The XAs is a …

Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

Its not the CPU its what you do with it. I think the 1st gen pentium made the biggest impact in the computer world. I dont see the Ryzen CPU making any big differences in the computer world. The Apple ARM based CPU’s however have made a big impact on the computer industry.

Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

Well, with new tech comes new music. And you need people to make music. Lovers of old music exist ffs. A lot of new songs are also a rehash od old song too. New music is more young'n and most of it comp-lete crap. It does seen to be improving recently with this covid thing. What is SCARY is what if …

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