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Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

Bruninho wrote on 2021-03-29, 18:03: Intel486dx33 wrote on 2021-03-29, 10:54: robertmo wrote on 2021-03-29, 10:31: i guess the card is as good as GeForce 7950 GX2 though no longer win9x support 😉 This thing runs like a Cadillac. It idles at 1% CPU utilization. How you managed to make the old Vista …

Re: How often do you buy a brand new computer ?

probably around year 2000 My last NEW consumer off he self computers where 1) HP Kayak XU's and XAs with Dual Pentium 2's 2) HP Vectras with Pentium 3 CPU's 3) IBM ThinkPad's 4) Macbook Pros 5) HP Pavillion laptops. 6) Dell notebooks. 7) Tablets, Tablets, Tablets...... After that for home computers …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

robertmo wrote on 2021-03-29, 10:21: Intel486dx33 wrote on 2021-03-29, 10:13: My ( $200 ) 8-core 16-thread Xeon HP z420 is a BEAST. GeForce GT 730 😉 Yeah, with the shortage in graphics cards right now I cant even get a RX580 for cheap. I wanted a 5700xt at least

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

My ( $200 ) 8-core 16-thread Xeon HP z420 is a BEAST. Its not a speed burner but it does not hang. It just plows thru anything. Very stable and reliable computer. Does not crash. HP has Win-10 drivers. Its fully supported. Its like a truck with allot of torque. This thing is un-stoppable. Specs: HP …

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