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Re: Dual Slot 1 440FX build

I built one of these computers back around 1998-99 I used the Intel Motherboard and Pentium-ll@333mhs Dual CPUs 64mb SDRAM and Dual Fast SCSI hard drives. ( 4gb each ) I remember it was a little loud because of the SCSI hard drives. I had installed Sun Solaris but the Motherboard also supports Linux …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

What does a $300 ( 165 terra-byte ) computer look like ? Guys, I put together this Rock Solid Reliable base configuration computer under $300 Fully Supported in Win-10, Win-11, and Linux ( Plug-n-Play Hardware ) Triple Boot Win-10, Win-11, and Linux by installing OS on Seperate SSD’s. This computer …

Re: Show me your testbench

I purchased this really nice Bench with draws and shelves and power strips. I purchased from a computer supply liqidator. It’s in my Garage with boxes stacked on top. So I never use it. For now I just use my 486 computer as a table with a cardboard box on top for a Test Bench.

Re: Terratec Attack

I think the HP z400 computer would be a Really good computer for these two Terratec PCI devices. Customize with: 6 Core Xeon 16gb RAM 256gb Sata SSD and 2tb Sata Hard drive Nvidia GT 730 Win-10 And you will have to use these type of USB-to-PS/2 adapters because this computer requires a PS/2 keyboard …

Re: Terratec Attack

Guys, These Terratec devices work Perfect in Win-10 Use WinXP Drivers. Just disable the requirement for digital signature in recovery startup menu and press F7. And install with WinXP service pack 2 compatibility. Something Funny :-) The DMX6-Fire sounds really Good with Clear balanced audio. But …

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