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Re: Easy Win-95 era gaming PC.

Finally, got around to swapping out this motherboard for the Intel Shuttle 569a. I thought It would be easy but it is turning out to be a pain. I am going to have to reinstall Win95 because the old install keeps crashing with the new motherboard. But I have all the connections working. And bios is …

Re: Building my own Woodgrain 486

The cache SRAM is 15 ns and the main system memory is 32 MB of 60-ns FPM DRAM. Also, the L1 cache appears to be running in WT mode according to System Check. I'm not sure whether the Overdrive CPUs had WB cache or not. I was certainly very happy with the performance. I think somewhere in the 200 to …

Re: Building my own Woodgrain 486

appiah4 wrote on 2021-09-07, 16:02: Intel486dx33 wrote on 2021-08-22, 16:38: That Yamaha OPL3 sounds terrible. You really need the “Dreamblaster X2 GS” for better sound. No it doesn't, you really need common sense for apt comparison. I am going to put one on my 486 along with the Yucatán. https:// …

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