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Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

I am going to build a Nice home server to store all my stuff. I need to clean up all my Single drive NAS stuff and consolidate. I am going to build a Nice Server for about $400 not including hard drives which will be another $300 So in total about $700 for a Xeon server with 32gb ram and 48tb of …

Re: Tell me what it's like to own a GUS

I use a Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 Sound Blaster 16 Media Vision PAS-16 Turtle beach Monte Carlo In my 386 and 486 and 586 computers and they work fine. Some make a little noise on boot up but not much. Most don’t make noise and produce clear audio.

Re: Tell me what it's like to own a GUS

I will tell what it’s like NOT to own one cause I don’t. I had an opportunity to purchase a used one some years back at the cost of $200 but I did not buy one. What I really want is an Orpheus and Wave table X2-GS. So I would rather spend my money on that. At least it’s NEW. I have a Sound Blaster …

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