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Re: Changing the Mouse Pointer in Windows 3.0???

in Windows
Windows 1.x-3.x are using mouse pointer pictures from display driver. As far as I remember, you need 16-bit version of Resource Hacker, and replace the CURSOR resource in VGA.DRV (VGA.386) file. But this is for Win3.11 & VGA graphics. For Palmtop this is a slightly difficulter as its is need to copy …

Re: 1997 Pentium MMX Rebuild

Some Socket 7 boards allowing using FSB or multiplier jumpers' pins as Turbo button pins. So the button can be connected instead of those jumpers and it will work. Here is my MB layout: https://i.imgur.com/XJCpfPvl.jpg I don`t see how to connect it... Connect to FS0...FS2 or BF0...BF2. Depending on …

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