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Re: Got another retro computer!

Hey John, I replaced a few capacitors on a motherboard as my first soldering project. It wasn't extremely easy but it went okay - I have no hesitation encouraging you to try it out. I just found the cheapest soldering kit on Amazon... it came with the iron, a holding stand, a spool of lead-free …

Re: 32-Bit is dead

in Milliways
While I don't agree with Vinyl Records still living, I guess it satisfies a need some people have for a more touchy, feely side of music. Which is cool. I can't argue since I resurrect and maintain extremely old hardware for that same touchy, feely reason.

Re: 32-Bit is dead

in Milliways
If you read too much media, everything is dead. X86 is dead. Real hardware is dead. 32-bit is dead. 80's pop is dead. Consoles are dead. PCs are dead. ect ect ect. Except it is usually wrong!

Re: Windows 7 Retro?

That UAC, which like a hyperactive mother constantly tells you what not to do. ;) Sorry, I feel that UAC was the pain we had to go through to change software developer's attitudes to administrator access. In addition, UAC worked overtime in the background to virtualize many of admin only things old …

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