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Re: Got another Asus P5PE-VM to replace the faulty one, but still having trouble booting. Help?

Start with the basics. A motherboard only needs CPU, GPU and Ram to post (and power of course). Make sure that you put in compatible and known working parts. Also if you can, post some photos of the motherboard, let's see if the caps haven't gone bad or if there is any broken traces on the PCB.

Re: Riva tnt2 ultra OEM?

The layout of the cards, those ram chips on that position, the passive heatsink, dual Vga, I agree, 99.9999% it's a GF4MX. For $7, if it works it's not a bad card at all. And it will blow the Tnt2 Ultra, however it won't have that "high-end" and "ultra" status.

Re: Voodoo 2 - how to test

If you install Fast Voodoo Drivers you also get two demos : Doughnut and 3060. If you run them, you should see the 3dfx logo pop in and you know it's using the Glide Api. Let them run for a couple of minutes if you get no artifacts you're good.

Re: Ensoniq Voodoo Banshee issues

I had a Pci Banshee from Creative Labs. It didn't came with its original heatsink (saved from a scrap lot). I put a generic heatsink that wouldn't make proper contact with the chip and the card would lock up the system randomly. Found another heatsink that just perfect for the card and also put some …

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