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Why doesn't Secret of Monkey Island (awmonkey.mid) sound correct with Roland MT32 + UM-ONE + MidiPlayer (Windows 10) ?

I'm using a real Roland MT-32 connected to Windows 10 using the Roland UM-ONE USB-MIDI adapter. The MIDI files are from scummbar.com and appear to have different files for the opening song: awmonkey.mid mi_1.mid gsmonkey.mid I understand that the MT-32 doesn't use the General Midi (GM) standard but …

Re: WP32 McCake : MT32 compatible waveblaster board

I will start by contacting people on the wait list first, it may take a few weeks before going 'public' with mccake. PM me if you still wish to be an early bird. I will give priority to vogons reservations first. I've just placed an order from other components but I'd love to add this board to my …

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