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Re: DOS driver for RetroWave OPL3

I've checked my device and the VendorID (VID) is 0483 and ProductID (PID) is 5740. However, I'm still not convinced the problem is with the Vortex86 SOM. When I plug in my KVM it allows me to type a few characters and then displays the exact same message ("Internal stack overflow, System Halted"). …

Re: DOS driver for RetroWave OPL3

Ugh ... Same problem. It reports "Retro wave device not found." and then a few seconds later "Internal stack overflow, System Halted" I'm also trying a separate power source: weeCee VCC -> N/C weeCee D- -> RW D- weeCee D+ -> RW D+ weeCee GND -> RW GND+weeCee GND PSU -> RW VCC PSU GND -> RW GND+ …

Re: DOS driver for RetroWave OPL3

Hmmm, it still doesn't work but I think the problem is between the Vortex86 (weeCee PC) and the RetroWave PotatoPi Lite. (ie. the RetroWave OPL3 is connected to the PotatoPi Lite) As I mentioned, when I plug the PotatoPi + OPL3 into the weeCee, the PC immediately reboots. I've tried using a USB Y- …

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