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Space Quest III and MT-32 Under Windows 98SE

I have a Windows 98SE box with an Audigy SB1394. The MT-32 is hooked up and I can play MIDI music on it from inside Windows. I can't seem to get Space Quest III to run on it. I have tried SoftMPU, with and without DELAYSYSEX. It finds the MT-32, but when I run SQ3, it hangs. No "Insert Buckaziod". …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

I recently tackled this problem with help from all the great information in this thread. The solution that works for me is a Gefen VGA to DVI Plus with a DVI to HDMI cable going directly into my Samsung 4K TV. I get all modes: BIOS, DOS, VESA, and Windows 3.1 with both SVGA and S3 Trio 64 drivers. …

S3 Trio64V+ VGA on Modern Television Problems

I've got a DOS gamer I'm building and it has an S3 Trio64V+. Connected directly to an LCD TV, BIOS and DOS text are displayable. When I run a VESA mode game, however (7th Guest for example), I lose video. Oddly, a cheap VGA to HDMI converter will not display BIOS or DOS text, but displays 7th …

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