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Re: Why people still love XP

in Milliways
well , the way i see it, its simple... WinXp was all around ok, not perfect but ok. lasted long and people got familliar with it. improved quite a bit in comparison to previos versions and during its lifetime (SP1, SP2, SP3) all versions after are WAY WAY WORSE than WinXP (Win7 with SP1 is not that …

Re: Low memory score

have you treid updating bios to letest version and removing cmos battery to reset bios settings? (sometimes load defaults and load fail safe do not work) i love QDI brand and have used many of thir boards with VIA chipset (both s370 and s462) but i do not remember ever being so slow. also its worth …

Re: Crossflash TNT2 M64 BIOS?

well, crosflashing bios would not solve enything but you need to resolder resitors in order to change ID of the card. maybe additional ram chips on board with unpopulated ram would do something like incrasing memory path from 64bit to full there is nice bit of info here http://www.plasma-online.de/ …

Re: Rage 128 memory upgrade

have you tried measuring important pins on newly soldered ram? VDD, CS... maybe 0ohm resistor is missing somewhere... you can always compare readings on "old" ram and measure same pin on "new" ram for any differences

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