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Re: Messing around with Linux on an AppleTV

Apologies all - Old thread rebirth. XJAS - I can't PM you, not enough posts, so hopefully you pick this reply to your thread up... Many years ago I put OSX Tiger on an ATV1. I'm no longer as geeky as I once was and I can't remember the entire process, but I did keep that ATV and I've just dug it out …

Re: Diamond Edge 3D 3240 NV1 Sega

Okay, will consider ebay also - I just find people are a lot less 'dodgy' on forums, less anonymity I guess. RichB - You sent me a PM but as I've not participated enough in the forums, I can't reply. Its not me ignoring you or being rude.

Diamond Edge 3D 3240 NV1 Sega

Hello all, First, I should shamefully apologise; I've been a long time reader of the forum, but now only just registered to ask for some advice. I'm going to be selling off all of my vintage computers and paraphernalia as I just don't have the time to cherish much of it anymore and I need the space …

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