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Re: High DMA Woes (GUS, SB16, etc)

Hmmm this thread has me interested. I recently configured a 386 with Vibra16 to use D3 H3. All tests with Diagnose pass, what test should I do to determine if I don’t have full functionality? DIAGNOSE can do the work. When you select High DMA and pass the "test", you can play 16bit digital sound on …

Re: High DMA Woes (GUS, SB16, etc)

from: http://ccftp.creative.com/manualdn/Manuals/TSD/2390/awe32.pdf D-4 Troubleshooting Problem System hangs during 16-bit digitized sound test. But 8-bit works fine. Cause Your system’s mother board cannot handle High DMA at full speed. On some machines, the DMA controller on the motherboard does …

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