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Protect cards

I was reading an anti-virus page on QDI defunct site, and they wrote some words about "Protect cards". Never heard about them... any additional informations available ? Legend QDI© Recovery Easy has proved itself superior to traditional protect cards. Traditional protect cards usually tie up at …

Re: A question about booters

Didn't knew it was called PC booters :blush: It came from old 80s computers C64 / Atari / Amiga, when software houses tried to protect from illegal copying. At times, hard drives were not much used for gaming. Things changed in the 90s, when HDD became cheaper and games installable. Or is this a DOS …

Re: DOS Development Forum?

in Milliways
Depend on what kind of code one would make. ASM is required for drivers / kernel / bios dev / reverse engineering. But you can dev many things in Pascal, C, C++, Basic. To name a few !

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