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Forgotten Realms Pool of Radiance sound?

I was browsing GOG forums and found a thread saying Pool of Radiance version 1.3 played music during the intro. The thread included instructions for setting up DosBox to use Tandy sound to play. I checked my version and it was 1.3 so I tried it. Here is my DosBox config: pcspeaker=false pcrate=44100 …

Another custom config question

Using dosbox 0.74-3, I am pretty sure my problem is a simple typo but here goes. I am trying to create a custom config file for a game and run it from a desktop shortcut. I edited the autoexec section and ran it using the default icon and it worked. Here is the autoexec entry: [autoexec] # Lines in …

Basic question on imgmount

I'm still playing with the configuration. I read in the manual one can load an image file and tried it. After a few pebcak errors, I got it to work. But I was wondering if DosBox supports many image types, *.iso, *.img, *.vhd, etc or just one?

Re: Eye of the beholder III will not run

I found this thread, https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=41127 which suggests a patch. I ran it but got a "translating savegame\items_00.txt to savegame\items_00.bin" message then the original message. I then reinstalled and repatched but got a "translating savegame\items_00.txt to savegame\ …

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