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Re: Windows versions of DOS games list

in DOS
The Last Express: The Windows and DOS versions of The Last Express seem almost identical at first glance. Mouse movement is nicer under Windows, and the game can be set to higher refresh rates under Windows than in DOS. Links LS 1997: The Windows version of Links LS having issues on Windows 98.

Re: Diablo 2 glide worth it?

I would highly recommend using a glide wrapper if you want the game to run and look the best. Some things don't display correctly with the D3D renderer, and the DDraw renderer has been deprecated and doesn't support the perspective mode. This thread has some more info: https://www.vogons.org/ …

Re: Quake Shareware Music.

in DOS
That's interesting. I wonder, if the shareware version is supposed to play them, though. Is there an encrypted full version on the disc by any chance? I've seen such CDs in the 90's which you could install by purchasing the full version key. I think they are talking about this: https://archive.org/ …

Re: Quake Shareware Music.

in DOS
If it's a real CD, you could try playing it in Windows Media Player or a standalone CD player. Just make sure to skip track 1, as it contains the game data.

Issues with 3-D Ultra Pinball 1 music

I'm having trouble getting the music on my AWE64 under Windows 98. There is this very loud hanging note that plays on the Mine table. The hanging note issue seems to go away if I use WDM drivers on other cards, but I've heard that WDM sound card drivers are not as good as VxD drivers under Win98.

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