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Re: Quake Shareware Music.

in DOS
If it's a real CD, you could try playing it in Windows Media Player or a standalone CD player. Just make sure to skip track 1, as it contains the game data.

Issues with 3-D Ultra Pinball 1 music

I'm having trouble getting the music on my AWE64 under Windows 98. There is this very loud hanging note that plays on the Mine table. The hanging note issue seems to go away if I use WDM drivers on other cards, but I've heard that WDM sound card drivers are not as good as VxD drivers under Win98.

Re: Beneath a Steel Sky -- GOG release to DOS?

in DOS
Jorpho wrote on 2021-02-20, 19:24: Do you mean the latest version of ScummVM, or do you mean there is a new version of the Beneath a Steel Sky data files? I meant the latest version of ScummVM. Sorry for the confusion.

Re: Ruined memory of an old game by playing it!

in DOS
Cap'n Crunch's Crunchling Adventure. I remember completely maxing out my crunchling and after recently finding the cd and playing it again, I have no idea why I played the game as long as I did. I also remember thinking the graphics were good. Probably should have left this one alone.

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