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Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

in Marvin \ Video
Personally I have solved the problem through the acquisition of a 17" CRT screen. It handles all use cases (DOS, early Windows games) perfectly. Nonetheless darry's suggestion is excellent for those who don't have enough room or can't find a CRT.

Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

in Marvin \ Video
Not to my knowledge, but if your intent is Windows gaming, you can get a pixel perfect doubled 640x480 by using an nVIDIA card and selecting the option that preserves the ratio (hence 1280x1024 is sent to the monitor, but really 1280x960 is shown with black bars above and below).

Re: CT2230 SB16 Digital Audio Clicking/Popping?

in Marvin \ Sound
Having tested the CT2290 with UFO enemy unknown, there are graphical glitches and the pops are loud and clear at the CPUs original speed (here an Athlon XP @ 1666 MHz) when a mission starts. However after L1 is disabled the graphical glitches and pops disappear completely. Please keep in mind I'm …

Re: networking under DOS

in Milliways
That's right Jo22, it was indeed the entry in the OS/2 museum that made me take a look at DOS networking, and SMB in particular. I had some success before with packet drivers and www/ftp/ssh but thought the file sharing aspect using NDIS was too cumbersome. So I was glad to see setting up SMB file …

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