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Re: Problem with ESS Solo-1 DOS Emulation

in Marvin \ Sound
So I have no issues left with this card, but I don't know about the topic starter? I think the issues boils down to the i865 chipset. For best compatibility on the ICH based Intel chipsets (i810-i875P) you need SBLINK. Unfortunately most Pentium 4 motherboard lacks that connector. VIA based …

Re: ESS 1938 under DOS

Sorry to wake up an old thread, but after getting an ESS Solo-1 from eBay and installing it, initially I couldn't manage to get it to work under DOS and Windows 98 SE using the drivers provided on Phil's computer lab website: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/ess-es1938s-solo-1.html , on a K8M890- …

Re: 4:3 4K

in Milliways
I've been down this rabbit hole too, trying to find the perfect 4:3 LCD monitor. During the search I ran into [1]: 1920 x 1920 monitor (for air traffic control?) and [2]: 1600 x 1200 monitor. Neither was perfect. And both were overpriced considering their specs. At some point I just gave up and …

Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pie

Not one, but TWO Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M died of BIOS failure while playing some retro games. :( They rebooted and asked for BIOS on floppy; resetting the machine bricked the first MB, while floppy reading error bricked the second. It was very frustrating when you thought you've prepared a floppy with …

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