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Re: SoundBlaster 16 CT1740 DSP 4.05?

in Marvin \ Sound
I have both the CT1750 and CT2290 (which is very similar to the CT2230, reviewed here /viewtopic.php?f=46&t=49896 ) They are very similar except the CT2290 has a line out on which I found very little noise, and best for powered speakers. OTOH my CT1750 is noisy and picks CPU/system activity. From my …

Windows 98 SE vs Windows XP input lag

So I was trying Unreal 1 for the first time yesterday. My system is an Athlon XP with 768 MB RAM and Voodoo 3 2000 PCI + FX 5900 XT AGP. The optical Logitech mouse is connected over PS/2. The display is a iiyama 17" CRT. It dual boots Windows 98 SE (Direct X 6.0a, VIA 4in1 4.43, unofficial USB 3.6e …

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