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ATI Rage II+ vs SIS 6326

Hi all !!! I had this graphics card in a retro PC, ATI Rage II+ DVD 2 megas PCI, and I changed it for this one, SIS 6326 PCI 8 megas, since it has 8 megas video ram, I think the SIS is better, for DOS games right?


Glad you found an alternative solution, X3NoMoRPH! But I think you should have left out `adlipt` in the command you tried. So my guess is that the command `JLOAD JADLIPT.DLL` would probably have worked, provided that JLOAD (part of Jemm) was in the path, and you were currently in the adlipt …


Hi !!! recently a friend made me an OPL2LPT, and I am testing it in a minipc with FreeDOS, v1.3, that uses the JEMM memory manager, then: adlipt JLOAD JADLIPT.DLL ¿ this command does not work, it is as if it does not exist ? , what's wrong ? thx :) EDIT: I have used EMM386.exe memory manager, I have …

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