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Re: Using an ISA VGA card on an AVR

Yes with a disassembler (e.g. debug.exe in DOS) you could easily take a peek at the BIOS init code too. And with a microcontroller you can set up the output latches before issuing the memory or i/o read/write strobe no? Since VGA cards are mostly 16-bit native, I would prefer to make the conversion …

Re: Using an ISA VGA card on an AVR

disagree mostly because vga chipsets are complex things and you dont know what the bios on them sets up with things like ram detection and timings, setting up the ramdac if its external. VGA BIOS is not doing some voodoo magic, and it's really not that difficult to perform the initialization. Here …

Re: Using an ISA VGA card on an AVR

Imho it seems like you're taking the difficult route of using libx86emu library, as you'll then need to deal with any incompatibility issues. Instead of relying on the card's bios, the simpler way would be to perform the initialization directly via registers programming and ignore the bios …

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